Posted by: Mothers Against Teen Violence | March 16, 2009

When I began to study the War on Drugs, I was struck by the glaring disparities in law enforcement based on race and class. Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have all used illegal drugs. Although Clinton claimed that he “did not to inhale”, at least President Obama was honest enough to say that inhaling “was the whole idea”. These missteps have been collectively referred to as youthful indiscretions, and I would be inclined to agree were it not for the fact that thousands of Texas inmates are serving time for precisely the same behavior.


Question: What does it say about our justice system that some people go to prison for drug possession while others go on Oprah, or simply go on with their lives? 

Joy Strickland



  1. The war on drugs is a funding mechanism for law enforcement and a way of controlling poor black neighborhoods. I have yet to meet anyone in law enforcement or the judicial system who thinks the war on drugs is making even a tiny dent in the drug trade. We arrest one set of nickel and dime dealers and another set of recruits steps forward to take their place. Instead of teaching inmates a better way, we are simply warehousing people. After a few years in the joint most inmates are so institutionalized they can’t survive in the free world. The war on drugs is making life in poor communities worse not better. Our kids need a compelling alternative to hustling.

  2. What it says is that if you are privileged then you can in fact get away with things. Be that drugs, domestic violence or just about anything.

    Celebrity status, or even being close to someone that is often shows the lie that we are a classless society.

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