Posted by: Mothers Against Teen Violence | March 30, 2009

Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia has proposed legislation that would create a commission to look into the failures of our justice system and explore how we can reshape our nation’s drug policy. Sound familiar?  

It should.  Sen. Webb’s legislation is very similar to  the bill that Project RETHINK has proposed in Texas: House Bill 1812.

There is an outstanding article in Sunday’s Parade Magazine on the legislation, which makes many of the points that you have heard here from  Project RETHINK. Sen. Webb was also on the Dianne Rheem Show this morning (3/30/09). I encourage you to read the article (it’s not very long) and go to our blog and comment. Here’s the link to the article:

                Question:  What do you think about Sen. Webb’s proposal?


Joy Strickland






  1. Senator Webb’s article was very informative and mirrors the agenda Project Rethink proposed. It is mind blowing to learn that 74% of offenders are African -American. Most of these cases are for non-violent offenses. Yes, our justice system has done something wrong. The national commission will be a great medium to inform the public on rethinking our justice system and drug policy laws.

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